Keynote: Ricardo Romero [British Council]

Equality, Diversity and Inclusions: From the teaching practice to the Colombian reality.

 The presenter will introduce a possible model for the implementation of issues relating to equality, diversity and inclusion, three themes already included in the Colombian Constitution, but whose practical implementation is not made clear, paradoxically, in the educational setting. Some possible implementation challenges will be presented for the audience to discuss.

RicardoRicardo Romero holds a BA in English Language and Literature from the UNAM in Mexico, with a Major in TEFL, and an MA in Applied Linguistics to TEFL from the District University in Bogota. Ricardo has been a teacher at all levels, a teacher trainer and a leader in ELT in Colombia. He is a tutor in the Oxford Teachers Academy, a joint venture between OUP and the Department of Continuing Education at the University of Oxford. Ricardo is the Head of English at the British Council where he coordinates  bilingualism projects at the national and regional levels. He combines this activity as an Associate Instructor at the Foreign Languages Department at the National University in Bogotá.


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